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Theory Test Preparation

First of all you need to know what's included in the DVSA Driving Theory Test

I have teamed up with Driving Test Success to help you succeed with your theory test.

A short video introducing the app.

This is the UK's No.1 theory test app. It comes with a theory test Pass Guarantee. In fact Driving Test Success is so confident you will pass your theory test using the Pass Guarantee they will refund your test fee of £23 if you fail.

To be eligible for the Pass Guranatee you just register for the guarantee once you have downloaded the Driving Test Successapp. You are set small goals to complete before you take your theory test. As long as you have completed all the goals they are so confident of you passing they can offer the money back guarantee.

I recommend using Driving Test Success because of:

    • A Pass Guarantee
    • With the Pass Guarantee you are set small goals to keep you on track
    • Over 14 MILLION learners have used this app
    • Achieves a 9 out of 10 pass rate
    • Contains the latest licensed DVSA  revision materials
    • 85 Hazard Perception clips
    • Stopping Distance Simulator
    • Advance search facility for the Highway Code
    • Learn all the UK's road signs
    • Mock Tests
    • Easy to use & accessible app which makes it easier to practise on the move
    • Low price of £4.99
    • Available for iOS & Android
    • Continuously updated to unclude the latest DVSA syllabus
    • Winners of the FirstCar App of the Year Award 2019
    • Named Apple UK's most downloaded paid app 2018, 2019 & 2020
    • Over 100,000 reviews & average ratings across iOS & Google Play

How can I support your theory test preparation?


I use a free app for my students called MyDriveTime student app. The app gives you access to your account with me showing your previous lessons and future bookings, your progress, learning resources and useful links, hours left in credit and much more.

Once you have downloaded the DrivingTest Success app you need to link it to your MyDriveTime student app. Instructions on how to link DrivingTest Success and MyDriveTime are included within both apps and by generating a share code.

It is important to link the two apps as I will be able to see your progress and can offer additional support towards your theory test.


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about MyDriveTime or Driving Test Success.



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